Got a great opportunity to share? 😀

Hi there 😀

I appreciate your interest in working together!

I get a lot of job opportunities, so I’d love to be mindful of your time and mine, and make sure we are aligned before we continue 😀 Therefore, I have set up this page where you’ll find the following:

  1. For you: An FAQ section with common questions you may have for me, and my answers.
  2. For me: A form of top-of-mind questions that would help me evaluate whether this is a good opportunity for me.

I appreciate this is a bit more work up-front for you to fill out the form, but I found that this saves a lot of back and forth down the road.

If you have any feedback about the form, I’d love to hear it!

Note: This is inspired by the Reverse Apply article by Laskie.


A list of the most common questions and answers I get.

I keep my Linkedin profile up to date for the most part, this would be a great starting point to learn more about me!

I’d be open to both, as long as I remain hands-on in the tech.

I have experience working extensively in both capacities, and I believe that the skills required for either tracks do lend them selves well to the other track. i.e. having technical depth makes for a great engineering manager, and understanding management and empathy are great attributes for a distinguished IC.

I do love ‘the trident model‘ that proposes a third track in addition to the above two called ‘tech leadership’, which describes more closely my recent work at Tempo.

I would be open to it for the right opportunity 🙂 

As I’m sure you understand, relocation is a pretty big decision, one that I don’t take lightly, but if you still believe you have a worthy opportunity, I’d love to hear about it!

I prefer remote roles, and would be open to 1-2 days at the office based on the office location and the team, but not full-time.

I have come to appreciate the flexibility that remote work offers, and have had a chance to experience it for years, and enhance my skills to ensure efficient remote communication 😀

I do appreciate the value of in-person interactions, and hence why I’m open to 1-2 days at the office, but more than that adds a lot of time & energy overhead in the office commute, that’d otherwise be invested in better alternatives.

I’d prefer not to, because I think the role’s compensation should be based on the value that it’d bring to the company, not the history of my compensation, which is why I’d love to learn more about your budget for the role 😀 

Afraid Not. Given the unfortunate state of my home country’s economy, the value of the currency is not stable and could have drastic changes over a short span of time, faster than salary adjustments can keep up, so I’d prefer compensation to not be in EGP.

Tell me more!

If you still think the role may be a good fit for my experience, I'd love to learn more about it 🙂